Tailgate For Troops Thank You!!

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who came out to support us at the Army-Navy Game.  Please take a moment to read the letter from our VP and remember to support our great Sponsors

Wow. After 15 years the disturbance in the force has been remedied, and with Army’s win, America’s most historic rivalry became competitive once again.
While the game on the field was close, outside the stadium, nothing could compete with our one of a kind tailgate extravaganza. For at least one day, those who wanted Navy to Trump Army joined forces with those hoping to Make Army Football Great Again, to create the most remarkable and inspiring party to ever occur inside a concertina wired asphalt lot.
We ate until our stomachs were full; danced with two amazing bands until our legs were weary; and drank cocktails and chilled ice luge shots until our livers were engorged.
But, beyond the fun and frivolity, in true holiday spirit, we generously opened our wallets and donated over $25,000 dollars (!) to help Homes for our Troops build Army Sergeant Lyndon Sampang his wife, and two children a specially adaptive home to help them rebuild their lives. It bears reflecting on how truly amazing this tailgate is. Can you think of any place in the world you can throw a free all-you-can-eat and drink party open to anyone and everyone and still collect over $25,000 in crumpled up dollar bills? Yet, thanks to your incredible donations, we made a small down payment on the debt of gratitude we owe Sergeant Sampang and all the servicemen and women who have done so much to protect our freedoms.
Jeff Webster and I have had the privilege of leading Tailgate for Troops for a long, long time. Rather than wait until the next time Army wins, Jeff and I are pulling a George Costanza and going out on a high note. While we will stay closely involved in planning the tailgate as board members, and remain active participants at the ice luge, we are stepping down as Tailgate for Troops President and VP to let others take charge.
I am simply in awe of the spirit, generosity and hard work of so many of you from such different walks of life that make this tailgate such a success.  And we want others with new ideas to take the tailgate to the next level (Lord knows where that might be). Thank you for helping us make this the greatest tailgate on earth.  To get involved and ensure the show goes on, call or email us, logon to Tailgate for Troops Facebook page or website and do something: run for office, serve as a volunteer, or simply continue to generously donate your time, money and supplies to this incredible event.
Be well and see you next year when we once again attempt to Beat Navy!